Mittoni makes TV on the PC affordable

Mittoni makes TV on the PC affordable


Mittoni is distributing the FlyVideo 3000 stereo TV tuner and video capture card in Australia. The PC-TV board allows users to watch TV at full PAL resolution on their PC as well as providing FM radio, stereo sound, video recording and video capture. The single-slot PCI card comes with a built-in 125-channel TV tuner and external audio and video inputs. It can also be connected to a DVD player, VCR or video camera. Other features include wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), teletext data extraction, application software to capture video directly to MPEG1 format and WDM teletext support. The card can be used with the LifeView FlyCAM 300K USB Video Camera to form a video editing and multimedia system. The FlyVideo retails for $119 and is available immediately.

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