Xyloc adds extra security to PC data

Xyloc adds extra security to PC data

Safeguarding information can be as simple as one device, according to Ipex, which has introduced a new product that will help businesses comply with the new National Privacy Principles. Xyloc is a wireless PC security control system that works to prevent security breaches from within an organisation. Using a radio transceiver "lock" that plugs into the computer and a wireless transmitter "key" worn by the user, the device not only recognises the identity of a user, but writes an easily interpreted audit trail. When the user approaches the computer, the key automatically transmits a 32-bit encrypted ID code to the lock which then verifies the identity and access privileges of the user. When the user leaves the terminal, the system locks the keyboard and screen of the computer. If an unauthorised person approaches the terminal, the computer remains locked. The Xyloc Solo for single installations and workgroups is available now and is priced at $359 excluding GST.

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