Dead or Alive, the King of Geek rises to the challenge

Dead or Alive, the King of Geek rises to the challenge

A few weeks back we offered to give away our prized "Dead or Alive" Xtreme beach volleyball 2003 calendar to the biggest self-proclaimed geek in the IT channel.

Now what defines "geek" you say? Well out of the nominations we received, there was one that truly took the cake. So magnificently Geek was he, that he knew all about Dead or Alive and how the original PSX version was the first to have animated, bouncy breasts on girls that beat each other up, à la Tekken or Street Fighter.

But our winner's addiction to gaming and all things Geek runs much deeper . . .

Final Fantasy VII is one PlayStation game that has transcended the small screen and was made into a full-length, animated box office film. Seem excessive for a mere computer game? Not really, listen to this:

"Final Fantasy VII took me some 72 hours of playing to complete. I loved it. No other game was anything like it. Brilliant pre-rendered graphics mixed with nice 3D characters, and CG sequences that would take your breath away. A story that was interesting with a complex love triangle and some very strange quasi-incestuous stuff going on with the lead bad guy.

"Once completed, I discovered there were all sorts of things available over the Net relating to the game. Collectibles, figurines, phone cards, models, trading cards, keyrings, posters, wall hangings, jigsaw puzzles and more. Yes, you guessed it, eBay got a hammering and I'd say I probably spent close to $2,000 on the stuff.

"Next, I found that Red XIII, which was the name of one of the very cool characters in the game, was available as a number plate for motorcycles. I booked it for my Yamaha V-Star, which is also getting customised with an expensive paint job, featuring . . . that's right, the characters of Final Fantasy VII."

To top it all off, our winner pointed out that Red XIII has some interesting tattoos on his legs. "I've always wanted a tattoo anyway, so why not have interesting pattern that relates to FF7?"

All bow before our King of Geek, Mark Jelic from XClusive Software, now the proud owner of one less thing he would have otherwise found at eBay, a virtual beachgirl calendar.

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