August was Sobig for worms

August was Sobig for worms

Antivirus vendor, Sophos, labelled last month one of the worst in the history of computer security.

The top four places in its monthly chart of infections for August were all filled by contenders in the ‘War of the Worms’, each of which would have been big enough to take pole position under usual circumstances, according to Sophos senior technical consultant, Graham Cluley.

Sobig-F was the daddy of them all, claiming 37.6 per cent of all viruses reported to the vendor.

The minor places were filled by Blaster-A (18.8 per cent), Nachi-A (5.5 per cent) and Mimail-A (5.3 per cent). Klez-H was also worthy of recognition, having registered in the top 10 for the nineteenth consecutive month with 1.3 per cent.

In total, Sophos analysed 778 new viruses in August.

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