Caldera MD defends Linux distribution

Caldera MD defends Linux distribution

Caldera managing director Kieran O'Shaughnessy has hit back at claims there is little market for Linux software distributions in the aftermath of TurboLinux's exit from the Australian market.

As reported in ARNnet last week, the failed TurboLinux operation in Australia left many distributors stocked with product they cannot sell and one reseller is even issuing a liquidation request to the vendor.

Yet the comments that O'Shaughnessy found disturbing were suggestions TurboLinux was not the only penguin endangered on Australian shores. "I pointed the bone at [Caldera] three months ago," said one reseller. "It's beyond flogging a dead dog. It's flogging the bones of a dead dog."

O'Shaughnessy said that unlike TurboLinux, Caldera has a structured channel model and its distributors (MPA and Tardis) have effective stock management policies in place. "MPA was distributing TurboLinux and they didn't have any issues," he said. "The distributors need to take some responsibility for contributing to the problem."

He also suggested that while TurboLinux's occasional direct selling tactics had burnt some resellers, Caldera does not compete with channel partners, either in products or services.

O'Shaughnessy said there was no reason to believe Caldera was in a poor financial position. "We are cashed up as a result of the IPO US$80 (A$155) million, and had $US80-85 (A$165) million in turnover for this year," he said. "We forecast that we would be profitable within four quarters and are already well on our way to achieving that. We are now the largest Linux company in terms of product revenue."

He also refuted claims the Australian market was suffering poor sales of Linux distributions. "A recent roadshow attracted over 340 registrations around Australia," he said. "I was blown away by the interest."

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