Six tips for the care and training of new users

Six tips for the care and training of new users

Congratulations! You've just got a new user!

As a responsible IT organization you have to recognize that this is a big responsibility. Your user is probably nervous in his new surroundings and doesn't know how to behave in his new IT environment.

Whatever Human Resources has told him can't possibly prepare him for what he needs to know in your digital environment and he's probably already developed bad habits from wherever he was before. Your job is to make sure he's going to become a happy productive worker who won't complain and ask dumb questions and make dumb mistake that will aggravate you.

To help you train your new user I have six tips that will ensure your user stays out of your hair, knows his place, and doesn't waste your valuable time.

Yes, getting a new user is fun and a challenge, but whether he'll wind up being a good user who is with the program and part of the pack depends on you and your mastery of the principles of user training.

Get your new user's training wrong and your time will be eaten up with demands and complaints and the rest of the pack may become fractious and unruly. But get him in the program from square one and everyone will be happy and productive.

Good luck.

Gibbs is pack master in Ventura, Calif. Training strategies at and follow him on Twitter and (@quistuipater) and on Facebook (quistuipater).

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