The component Dominion

The component Dominion

Electrical engineering distribution specialist Dominion Electronics has announced a suite of new Z-World Engineering and Rabbit Semiconductor products which are now available.

Dominion has released two new Ethernet core modules - microprocessor cores no bigger than a credit card from Rabbit Semiconductors. The cores are designed for the development of embedded systems with integrated Ethernet connectivity. The RCM2100 and RCM2200 series feature up to one MB of flash and SRAM memory, as well as an Ethernet interface and connector, four serial ports, cold boot capability and up to 40 input/output (I/O) lines.

The modules are packaged as a developer kit, supported by a TCP/IP stack, a Web server and a Dynamic C development system.

"The core module can be mounted on a user-designed motherboard and can act either as the controlling microprocessor for the user's system or as a satellite processor to offload network communications," explained vice president of sales and marketing at Dominion, Carrie Maha.

The development kit includes a core module powered by a Rabbit 2000 microprocessor, prototyping board, Dynamic C SE development system and documentation on CD-ROM, DC power supply, PC serial and a getting-started manual.

Dominion is also distributing the new Smart Star Series control system - an expandable embedded control system designed for real-time control and data acquisition applications. The series offers several low-cost I/O options to fit a wide range of requirements and budgets.

Modular expansion allows assemblers to use the same Smart Star architecture in both small and large applications.

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