ASI delivers 1.4TB of storage to DoD

ASI delivers 1.4TB of storage to DoD

Local integrator ASI has recently completed a $1.5 million Network Appliance Filer installation, a solution that will deliver 1.4TB of storage to the Department of Defence's communications headquarters system.

According to ASI's managing director, Maree Lowe, the Network Appliance Filer is a fault-tolerant storage platform.

`A lot of people have servers that are powerful processor-based units but also act as storage [which can slow the network], whereas network attached storage [NAS] such as what we've installed for the Department of Defence (DoD) sits behind the servers.

`The beauty of this solution is a device called Snapshot that allows the manager to grab a picture of data at anytime, which means there isn't any downtime,' Lowe said.

For Alan Bell, Performance Analysis manager at the DoD, the solution ASI offered gave the DoD the ability to operate the network 24 hours a day so it could capture information for performance analysis.

Bell and his team are building a database with a report- ing structure that allows them to store information, thus enabling them to gather and analyse network traffic information over a 12-month period, hence the need for large storage capacity.

Bell said once completed the database will be similar to a `black box recorder on an airplane'.

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