Give the product managers a hand

Give the product managers a hand

You must wonder how marketing gurus come up with new ideas for product launches. Do they sit in a darkened room playing whale calls to stimulate the creative process? Do they, in the way of the dot-comers install a pool table and Pepsi machine and let the ideas flow? Or, like MLC, fit out meeting rooms with giant dice for executives to sit on when making important business decisions?

Or do they just think, "how can

we totally embarrass the product


Microsoft's bells and whistles launch of Office XP is such an example.

Following on the coat tails of its most touted concept, the introduction of smart tags throughout Office applications, Microsoft marketing made a tenuous link to one of Mel Brooks' most successful comedic forays Get Smart. They decided to subject the audience to a skit starring Office product manager Mark Linton and product marketing manager Miles Gustafson.

Thinking about it, the resemblance to Agent 86 and the Chief is uncanny. With such favourites as the cone of silence and Agent 99 making cameo appearances, the performance wasn't the cringeworthy act the hardened audience expected.

They are hardly likely to give up their day jobs (it is Microsoft, after all), but you have to hand it to the team -they do cheese so well.

At least they didn't hire actors -tabloid hates that.

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