Sophisticated stages of virtualisation require a different approach: CA Technologies

Sophisticated stages of virtualisation require a different approach: CA Technologies

Technology vendor expects customers to deal with business limitations in virtualisation testing and operations in 2013

Partner engagements with virtualisation customers will progress from basic implementations of traditional hardware to the next level of applying service virtualisation.

That is the key prediction for 2013 by CA Technologies A/NZ channel senior director, Klasie Holtzhausen, who expects partners will do this through CA LISA service virtualisation.

“With CA LISA, teams can develop and test applications under conditions closely simulating the production environment without the need to provision the entire infrastructure,” Holtzhausen said.

CA Technologies acquired Cloud service simulation provider Interactive TKO in 2011, and with it came the capability to test and develop applications in composite and Cloud environments.

“Through this acquisition we were able to add a new and critical dimension to our portfolio that we branded CA LISA which helps customers overcome business limitations in testing and operations,” he said.

This is due to the more sophisticated stages of virtualisation requiring a “different way of thinking.”

“They have a far stronger business case on how partners can help customers reduce cost, improve quality and deliver application in production much faster,” Holtzhausen said.

“It is certainly an area to watch over the next year as it will transform heterogeneous systems and resource constrained capabilities.”

As for what CA Technologies has in store for 2013, Holtzhausen said it will be “more of the same.”

“As our partner program fully comes into its own in the next year, we will undoubtedly see a continuation of growing the business via the channel and maturation as an organisation in working with business partners through the various routes to market,” he said.

All about the uptime

CA Technologies A/NZ CTO, Carl Terrantroy, expects the topic of capacity to come to the forefront in 2013, especially for organisations handling large amounts of network traffic, different applications and the pressures that go with it.

“This year an even greater number of organisations will sit up, take stock and prepare themselves for their imminent capacity needs,” he said.

As customers continue to expect systems and websites to be available at all times, Terrantroy said that “any downtime is an unacceptable inconvenience.”

“Even with official business continuity policies and stated recovery times, this translates into pressure for nearly all IT systems,” he said.

“We will see IT departments engineering new and existing systems so that maintenance does not inhibit customers at any hour of the day.”

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