Security heavies fuse talents

Security heavies fuse talents

Internet Security Systems (ISS), Trend Micro Australia and Check Point Software Technologies have dusted off their strategic relationships and pulled together an end-to-end network security solution pitched at resellers.

"It's not a LAN-in-a-can type concept," says Mark Deuis, ISS manager of business development in Australia and NZ. "It's about demonstrating the interoperability of these products and how they can be linked at the corporate level."

Deuis says the fusion of these types of products to build an end-to-end solution for enterprise networks is the way of the future, and one that is not far off.

"We're not putting a gun to resellers' heads," says Deuis. "We're showing them that if they don't already have an offering like this they should."

The three vendors are well aware of the dangers of going for a "Swiss-army knife" approach to security, choosing to retain their specific focus and partner rather than attempting to be all things to all people.

Trend Micro leads the fold in anti-virus solutions, Check Point adds its Open Platform for Security (OPSEC) firewall and ISS rounds off the party with its intrusion detection and active blocking of malicious code.

Tamara Hitchcock, marketing manager for Trend Micro Australia says the offering is not a bundle as such, however, if demand continues the companies may work out an bundling arrangement, most likely through LAN Systems. Compaq Global Services has the edge on the market, being one of a handful of resellers signed to distribute all three of the developers' products.

Meanwhile, ISS believes the time is ripe for Internet security to boom with customers understanding the vulnerability of their online assets and resellers scouring the market for reliable solutions to secure them.

"We're seeing people in other areas taking up security, from your basic service delivery to telcos, power suppliers, and healthcare services," says Kim Duffy, ISS's recently appointed managing director.

IDC predicts that more than 35 per cent of IT departments in Australia have experienced severe security infringements, such as illegal access to corporate resources. "In today's environment the issue is not whether or not you've been hacked, it's how long it takes before you realise," says Deuis.

The developer instilled fear into the hearts of corporate users at the launch of its new RealSecure 6.0 network and server based intrusion detection solution recently, when it hacked a bank's Web site with two simple command lines. The mock demonstration was based on a real-life example according to ISS, although it declined to name the institution.

The developer is ramping up its Australian/NZ operation with the establishment of a Brisbane-based research and development team that will support partners and customers by perpetually identifying and fixing security breaches. The ‘X-Force' forms part of a worldwide ISS conglomerate that issues monthly upgrades to customers - the concept being to expose a corporation's vulnerabilities before a hacker does. ISS was cagey about details, saying only that it was less than 10 staff locally and 110 worldwide. According to Andrea Fletcher, marketing manager for ISS Australia and NZ, the operation is kept under a shroud of secrecy due to the threat of hackers discovering and ruining research.

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