Nyko to intro iPod gear, game controller at Consumer Electronics Show

Nyko to intro iPod gear, game controller at Consumer Electronics Show

Nyko Technologies Inc. on Monday announced that it will use this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to introduce a new line of accessories for the iPod and iPod mini, along with a version of its AirFlo gaming controller that works with Macintosh and Windows computers. All of the products will launch in early 2005; a company representative told MacCentral that pricing and specs will become available when CES kicks off. Next week, Nyko's Web site will be updated to reflect the introductions.

The iPod accessories include: MoviePlayer, a device that features a 3.5-inch color screen on which you can view videos and pictures transferred to and from your iPod; iTop Button Relocator, an adapter that plugs into the remote port and relocates all of the functions found on the front of the player to its top; Universal Car Mount, a holder for using your iPod in the car with other accessories, such as an FM transmitter; Stereo Link, a cable that connects your iPod to the RCA plug found on stereos, TVs and other devices; SpeakerDock, which recharges your iPod while playing tunes through its speakers; and FireWire adapter, which converts the iPod's six-pin FireWire cable to a four-pin plug that matches the port often found on Windows computers.

The company will also announce iBoost, a rechargeable battery pack that comes in two versions, one that provides up to 16 hours of extra playtime to an iPod and one that offers up to 10 hours of use for iPod minis. On-the-go users may also be interested in Nyko's Charger Case, which can fully recharge an iPod three times before it needs fresh power.

Among the new products it will announce for console gamers, the company will also introduce AirFlo EX, a version of its AirFlo controller that includes the ability to emulate keyboard and mouse commands. Like Nyko's other AirFlo gamepads, the EX model features a built-in two-setting fan for keeping your hands dry.

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