Australian OEMs get first bite of AMD MP cherry

Australian OEMs get first bite of AMD MP cherry

Australian integrators have become the first manufacturers in the world to release servers and workstation based on Advanced Micro Device's (AMD) new Athlon MP processor and chipset.

ASI Solutions, Optima Computer Technology and Xenon each released systems based on the new technology yesterday, ahead of around 20 manufacturers around the world. The launch marks AMD's move into the workstation and server arena, rounding out its product lineup to include all major segments of the PC market.

The AMD-760 PM chipset is its first to support multiprocessors on a single motherboard - manufactured at this stage by Tyan Computer. The 1GHz and 1.2 GHz MP processors are priced at US$215 and $265 respectively in 1000 unit quantities and are available now.

"We now operate in all major computer markets" Australia New Zealand country manager John Robinson announced. "It is a big story, but it is not the whole story. It is great to be in the game, but we can't take the next step without providing a compelling product."

The chip maker has also vowed to stand by its Socket A platform - a move the vendor hopes will help influence customer's takeup of the technology.

"Socket A will be a key factor in our success to come. Our Athlon mulitprocessor process offers the same stability and uncompromised performance, which helps businesses maximise their investments in technology," Robinson said. "This is a positive move for AMD and the industry generally."

Unafraid to stick it to arch rival Intel, Robinson joked; "We will not only kick their backside, but we will inflict more pain by kicking them where it hurts the most - in the front-side bus".

ASI Solutions, first to market with its Discovery 1.2 GHz Workstation, as well as its Avalon 1.2GHz Server said the new product was not only stable, but also afforded around 20 per cent lower power consumption.

"AMD have managed to come out with a product that not only works, but is stable - across all platforms," said ASI's senior research and development engineer, Gavin Henry. "With pre-release equipment there is usually nothing but problems."

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