NetPort hits gold in hospitality

NetPort hits gold in hospitality

A gold nugget market has surfaced for Internet-focused systems integrators that offer fuss-free Internet access to business travellers staying in hotels.

NetPort Hospitality Systems, a developer of Internet solutions for the hospitality industry, found the niche market and appears unchallenged by other Australian integrators for the work. NetPort's general manager, Ron Ross, said providing Internet access for hotel rooms is a huge opportunity worldwide.

`In Australia there are 22,000 four- and five-star hotel rooms that don't have Internet access,' he said.

`There are two US-based providers pitching for this business in Australia but we are the only local company.'

Ross reports many hotel chains recognise that to compete for the business traveller Internet access in rooms is a must.

Ross explained that when businesspeople travel, access to the Net for their e-mail, for example, is impossible through the hotel PABX. Many therefore carry a modem, a mobile and a phone extension cord with their laptop.

NetPort Hospitality Systems works with hotel owners to solve Net access problems by installing Ethernet network connections. `The road warriors can access the Net through our Netportconnect product without the need to carry their own equipment,' Ross said.

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