New sight let's you see food - then eat it!

New sight let's you see food - then eat it!

Name of site:

What it is: Costi's virtual seafood shop, due to open November 1, will target home and business customers by offering online customers market fresh seafood and door-to-door delivery. The site will feature recipes and produce information, as well as daily specials, platters, dips, sushi, lobsters, prawns, oysters and more.

Special feature: Steve Costi, the force behind the online move, said the site allows visitors to browse over the produce and check out prices and recipes before they're asked to enter purchase details. `The site visitors will have the same experience as the customers who look at our produce before purchasing at a physical shop,' he said, minus the smell!

Aim of the site: To extend the geographical reach beyond Costi's five physical Sydney stores to other areas within the city.

Who developed it: David Harris, from Activ Australia (, developed the site using ASP for the visual elements and Visual Basic and the SQL Server database for the back end. The technical body consists of software modules that pull information from the database when needed. The modular design makes the site scalable and manageable, Harris claims. A full-time site administrator will update prices, pictures and other information daily.

Development time: From incubation to maturity - 12 months. Actual site development took between 60 to 90 days.

Cost of development: $80Ð100,000 including the administration set-up costs.

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