Servex serves up storage

Servex serves up storage

Longtime components and peripherals distributor Servex is launching a new business unit in a bid to capitalise on the strong growth of the storage market.

Christened Servex Storage Systems, the business unit is positioning itself as a value-added, customised disk distributor, with a major tape technology partner in the wings, according to newly appointed Servex Storage Systems, business development manager, Tim Davoren. Predominantly targeting the mid-tier enterprise market, Davoren claims the distributor will offer and support a range of disk and RAID (redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks) products.

"In network products price and competition have compressed with the ubiquitousness of the technology and the need," says Davoren. "Whereas effective storage products, particularly those from mainstay vendors, remain prohibitively priced for many customers, even though everyone is saying, 'we need more space'."

"We want to provide solutions that ensure data integrity and speed of access at the highest level, and price those solutions realistically," claims Davoren.

Servex has already penned a number of distribution agreements including US-based (IDE) RAID vendors 3ware and AnexTEK, networking vendor Microtest, and storage virtualisation software vendor Falconstor.

The business unit reflects a new direction for the Acer-owned Servex, and Davoren says the distributor will be looking to offer its resellers competitively speced storage products at a lower price point than most mainstay storage players.

The company is also actively recruiting reseller partners with a points incentive program.

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