Praxa monitors Kennett's exit

Praxa monitors Kennett's exit

The night Victorians turfed out Jeff Kennett was incredible and for systems integrator Praxa it also proved its systems are reliable under pressure, according to IT team leader Simon Hancock.

Hancock was in the tally room in the role of IT systems administrator and Praxa team leader for the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).

'The tally room was a real buzz as no one expected the result that occurred,' Hancock said.

'When the early results were coming up on screen I did a quick ring around my staff to make sure they had the same figures. They did, which indicated that Praxa's systems had the right results.'

The Melbourne branch of Praxa's infrastructure group previously won a tender against three other integrators for the right to administer the VEC's internal IT system. Later, Praxa then won the right to administer the ballot computer count network which the VEC manages.

As a result of the tender win, Praxa administers the VEC's new Election Management system that streamlines communications, thus providing improved service for the election administrators across the state. Each office has a server running Windows NT, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server database and MS Transaction Server and two or three PCs.

Hancock said that Praxa invested 10,000 manhours towards winning the internal IT tender and believes his company was chosen for its depth of Microsoft expertise.

The win has proven to be a significant one for the systems integrator as the contract has blossomed into administering VEC's IT systems for the coming round of municipal elections starting in January.

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