Dataworks targets tiny tots for a Wiggly Wiggly Christmas

Dataworks targets tiny tots for a Wiggly Wiggly Christmas

Watch out for an expected rush of parents of toddlers and preschoolers clammering for the latest CD-ROM-based stocking stuffers from publisher Dataworks.

The Wiggly Circus CD-ROM is set to take over Christmas with 15,000 units now available. According to Dataworks, 8000 have already been shipped to 1300 retailers around Australia.

Number one

Dataworks' spokeswoman Sharyn Bertram claimed that last year's Christmas release, A Day with the Wiggles, ranked number one `in the kids Chrissy present stakes', with 19,000 units sold.

And this year's wiggly offering is predicted to top the 20,000 mark. Dataworks is also releasing another popular children's program on CD-ROM, Playschool, which might give the Wiggles a run for their money.

With 15,000 units available, there are already 8500 in store.

And the children's market is proving to be an international success, with Dataworks recently signing an agreement to republish A Day with the Wiggles in the UK.

Bertram said the Wiggles are a big hit in England but not so in the US. She added that the Americans have a different idea of entertainment with Sesame Street characters pulling rank over our local four.


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