Veritas readying storage mgmt. splash

Veritas readying storage mgmt. splash

Veritas Software is expected to boost its data-protection and life-cycle management offerings this week with a set of new and enhanced software products designed to help users more efficiently manage storage networks.

According to sources, the company is expected to introduce:

* A Web-based portal called CommandCentral, for managing all Veritas applications running on the storage network.

* A new version of its enterprise data back-up and recovery application, NetBackup.

* A new version of its Data Migrator product, which has been re-branded Data Lifecycle Manager.

* A desktop and laptop back-up package.

* Enhancements to Backup Exec, its product for backing up Windows and NetWare servers.

Data protection, recovery and life-cycle management software lets users better manage, migrate, archive and retrieve the data created on their networks.

CommandCentral lets customers globally view storage resource operations, report on storage processes and accurately calculate infrastructure costs for chargeback or budget allocation.

"The benefit I am trying to get out of (a package such as CommandCentral) is that it reduces my license and maintenance cost for software by being heterogenous across more products like NetBackup and Backup Exec," says Barry Brazil, enterprise SAN architect for Reliant Energy in Houston. "I use a lot of both products, and today I can't manage them from a single console. With CommandCentral, if I can manage my backups through a single source, it saves me a tremendous amount of time and management headaches."

Veritas also is expected to unveil a version of its back-up and recovery software. NetBackup 5.0 will focus on letting users back up data to disk and tape, and stage backups to disk for a period of time before moving them to tape, allowing faster restores. NetBackup 5.0 also will feature enhanced Windows snapshot support and enable non-disruptive upgrades. In addition, NetBackup users will be able to perform bare metal restorations of data to drives that don't contain an operating system. It also will synchronize laptop and desktop back-up and restore operations with their server backups.

Also, the product will include new Active Directory-compatible access control features that will let profiles for different users be created. Among the other features of NetBackup is the ability to restart a file system from before the point of failure on Unix and Windows servers.

The company also will introduce enhancements to its Data Migrator product, which ensures that only frequently used information is kept permanently on online media, while infrequently needed data is migrated automatically from online devices to lower-cost secondary storage such as optical disk or tape. This product, which has been renamed Data Lifecycle Manager, now will include rules administrators can set that affect where data is stored, how it is migrated and when it is archived to tape.

Further, the company will announce enhancements to Backup Exec, its product for protecting Windows and NetWare servers. Last week, the company announced a new option for Backup Exec called the Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option, which works with Backup Exec to let administrators back up their users' desktop and laptop computers.

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