McAfee Focus 12: McAfee names top trends for 2012

McAfee Focus 12: McAfee names top trends for 2012

Claims it includes social media, Big Data, the Cloud and the application explosion

Social media, Cloud based computing, Big Data and the application explosion will be the top trends McAfee will be working towards, according to its co-president, Mike DeCesare.

He was speaking at the recent McAfee Focus 12 security conference in Las Vegas.

DeCesare said social media has grown from being a personal tool to one that is used by businesses – “it is in the workplace”.

With the increasing numbers of staff using social media in the workforce, DeCesare claimed that McAfee has seen 76 per cent of malware attacks resulting from social media.

He said the advancement of Cloud based computing and Big Data has made it more complex.

“We need to have higher security expectations as they can be easy targets,” he said.

The application explosion in the mobile space is also another trend that requires security.

“Mobile phones are the biggest targets because there is more mission critical information on the device than has ever been. App store scans are not good enough,” he mentioned.

McAfee worldwide chief technological officer, Mike Fey, said businesses are moving towards a fully persistent, always on, always connected sphere with their customers, partners or employees.

“Because of that, security technology has to evolve and it has to do so rapidly. You can’t just rip out the environment and run it in another direction. If we think about the future, the solutions we have today are not ready for an always on, always connected world; we need to change our thinking.

“So, I think about leveraging these trends and we are going to have to force ourselves to innovate over the next three years and bring more innovation to the market than the last 10 – and that’s our commitment,” Fey said.

DeCesare signalled out secure containers, better security in datacentres, partnerships between ISPs and the adoption of new, more secure platforms, as the best way in moving forward with security within these trends over the coming months.

“There will be incredible focus on critical infrastructure. You will see industries come together, teams come together. We will see a massive evolution towards this concept that we have been talking about for years, of having security connected,” he added.

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