Raspberry Pi Model B gets RAM upgrade, same price

Raspberry Pi Model B gets RAM upgrade, same price

Raspberry Pi Model B now shipping with double the RAM

Raspberry Pi manufacturer and supplier Premier Farnell has announced the launch of the Model B with a RAM upgrade.

The pint-sized computer is now available in its Model B form with a free upgrade from 256MB of RAM to 512MB. The Raspberry Pi Model B still costs the same price of £29.95.

A Raspberry Pi blog post said: "One of the most common suggestions we've heard since launch is that we should produce a more expensive "Model C" version of Raspberry Pi with extra RAM. This would be useful for people who want to use the Pi as a general-purpose computer, with multiple large applications running concurrently, and would enable some interesting embedded use cases (particularly using Java) which are slightly too heavyweight to fit comfortably in 256MB."

"We're very attached to $35 as our highest price point. With this in mind, we're pleased to announce that from today all Model B Raspberry Pis will ship with 512MB of RAM as standard." it added.

Anyone with an existing order for the older model should receive the faster model. Premier Farnell confirmed it has enough stock to cope with demand until 2013. Any orders placed before 7pm will be shipped the same day for free.

"Now with the capability to run Android 4, the new Raspberry Pi has the potential to become mobile, with only a touchscreen and a portable pack required." said Premier Farnell.

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