Review: Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Review: Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Logitech's K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard is ideal for users of multiple Apple products

Logitech's K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard is ideal for users of multiple Apple products.

The Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard has two key features that set it apart from most other keyboard accessories. It's powered by a solar panel strip that sits at the top of the device, hence the name, and it has the ability to connect with three Apple Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The solar panel may be the most interesting feature of the K760, but it's the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple devices that's the most useful and noteworthy aspect of this keyboard. The process is effortlessly simple: simply pair your devices one-by-one by pressing the Bluetooth connection button on the bottom of the keyboard, select one of three Bluetooth hot keys to assign that device and away you go.

Once you've connected all of your devices for the first time, switching between them is achieved by pressing any of the three Bluetooth keys, numbered 1, 2 and 3. During testing, we found the K760 took less than two seconds to switch between three devices we tested: a MacBook Pro, a new iPad and an iPhone 5.

Logitech markets the K760 to Apple owners, but the keyboard works perfectly fine with non-Apple products, too. We had no trouble connecting it to a Google Nexus 7 Android tablet and a Motorola RAZR HD smartphone, while it also connected seamlessly to a Toshiba ultrabook. However, the keyboard has a number of dedicated Apple keys like Fn, the eject key and a range of Mac OS X shortcuts (such as mission control) that won't work on all other products. We can, however, confirm the home button shortcut designed for iOS devices also works on Android phones and tablets, while the volume control also worked on Android devices.

Typing on the Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard is a reasonably intuitive experience. The keys are spring loaded and have good tactility, while most keys are well sized and in the correct places. We had no trouble typing this entire review on the K760 with minimal errors.

The keys themselves are a very noisy, however, almost sounding like a mechanical keyboard. They also have a longer travel than Apple's wireless keyboard. We disliked the fact that there is no number pad on the K760, though this does keep the physical size of the keyboard smaller and therefore more ideal for travelling.

Perhaps the biggest annoyance of the K760 is the caps lock key light. It takes three seconds to flash when caps lock is activated and then only lights up for two seconds before turning off. There's no option to change this behaviour, either.

The Logitech K760 has white keys and a metallic silver plastic finish. Build quality feels reasonably solid, though we found the silver finish scratches easily and the solar panel is glossy and therefore tough to keep clean. The solar panel isn't particularly attractive, but given its benefits, we think this is a trade off most users will be happy to make.

The Logitech K760 Wireless Solar keyboard has a number of iOS and Mac function keys on the top row. These are shared with the standard F keys and can be accessed by pressing the Fn key in the bottom left corners. There's shortcuts for mission control in Mac OS X, home in iOS, a brightness adjustment for all Apple displays, a volume control and multimedia playback controls.

The solar panel at the top of the K760 uses any light source, indoors or out, to charge the battery. Logitech says the K760 will work for up to three months on a full charge, even in total darkness. The battery can be charged by placing the keyboard in a bright room or in direct sunlight for an hour or more, and the keyboard can still be used while you're charging it if necessary.

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