What's new from: Toshiba, Iomega, Castlewood, seagate. Fuji Xerox, Raidtec, Brocade,StorageTek, Acer, Network Appliance

What's new from: Toshiba, Iomega, Castlewood, seagate. Fuji Xerox, Raidtec, Brocade,StorageTek, Acer, Network Appliance


Toshiba has launched a 2GB Type II PC Card hard disk drive to solve backup, storage and transfer issues. It works on all notebooks and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. The 55-gram device is the equivalent of 1,300 floppy drives or three CDs - it can store 5,000 PowerPoint files or 60 minutes of MPEG video. The Toshiba 2GB Type II PC Card Hard Disk Drive retails for $549 (inc GST).

Toshiba: 1800 021 100.


Iomega has released its fastest internal CD-RW drive to date, the 40x12x40 internal CD-RW drive. With a 40x record and 12x write speed, this internal CD-RW drive boasts a considerably higher speed - users can now burn a 60-minute CD Audio in less than three minutes. The Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) speed of 40x with Buffer UnderRuN Technology also eliminates wasted CDs and CD coasters and the over-burn technology can liberate 870MB from a standard CD-R for up to 99 minutes of recording. The device has an IDE interface, making it compatible with any PC-based platform. It retails for $399 (inc GST) and comes with a 12-month return-to-base warranty.

Iomega: (02) 8875 9851.

Castlewood Systems

Touted as the fastest removable media product in the world, Castlewood's range of ORB hard drives comes in 2.2GB and 5.7GB capacities and a variety of interfaces (EIDE, SCSI, USB, FireWire, internal and external). They are fast enough to stream video directly (upstream and downstream) and operate via a simple click-drag-drop, making backup as easy as copying to another hard disk drive. ORB appears as removable hard disks to Windows or Mac operating systems. For use in a network, the network must have shared access to this resource, attached to one of the network's workstations. Alternatively, it may be connected directly to the network server (Netware or Unix) or via SCSI. Australian distributors include BBF Components, Pioneer Computers, Global Business Technology, Wholesale Technology, Quadtel Marketing Results, JAGate Distribution and Oxygen Technology.

Castlewood Systems: (02) 9453 5952.


XIOtech Magnitude is a complete architected SAN solution that conforms to open system standards. A high-performance RAID controller, an eight-port Fibre Channel switch and logical volume management software are integrated, making it easy to implement multiple SAN components from a wide variety of vendors. Targeted at large enterprises, XIOtech's REDI storage architecture, (based on storage virtualisation), makes this an easy SAN to use and scale as a business grows. XIOtech Magnitude retails for approximately $150,000 and is distributed by Optistor (02 9894 6033; and Cybernet (02 8786 3080;

Fuji Xerox

OptiTech Software from Fuji Xerox Australia allows organisations to control business-critical information storage and access across the enterprise. This integrated suite can capture, manage, and store all kinds of data, including documents, images and reports, as well as special types such as CAD drawings, X-rays and audio or video files. Being non-proprietary software, it runs smoothly on a wide variety of platforms using industry standard hardware.

Fuji Xerox: 13 1412.


Raidtec has announced its SNAZ SAN Virtualization Appliance, SNAZ SV, and SNAZ InstaView snapshot software for the mid-range enterprise. SNAZ SV connects to the SAN and presents all attached storage as one or more global storage pools. It allows any number of volumes to be created, expanded, assigned and replicated to any number of hosts. The Asymmetric (Out of Data Path) Storage Virtualization architecture of SNAZ SV provides a central storage management point, while data is directly transferred between the host computer and storage devices, thus facilitating truly heterogeneous SANs. SNAZ retails for around $US15,000 and is available from SLI-Consulting (02 9874 0033;


The Brocade SilkWorm 3200 is an 8-port, 2Gbps intelligent fabric switch designed to meet the price and performance requirements of entry-level SAN customers. Using the 3200 switch, companies can network servers with storage devices through a SAN, creating a highly available, scalable, secure, and manageable environment for storage applications. The SilkWorm 3200 is ideal for small and medium businesses and for enterprises implementing departmental and workgroup SANs. It is distributed locally by Lynx Technology (02 9663 4855;


StorageTek and LSI Logic Storage Systems' D173 entry-level open systems disk subsystem is a compact, scalable solution that offers small and medium businesses, remote users and departmental-level customers extensive features and functionality for dedicated storage environments, and full heterogeneous support for storage area networks. It is controlled by SANtricity Storage Manager 8.0 software to provide centralised storage management, snapshot copy, dynamic volume expansion and remote mirroring capabilities. Maximum capacity is 5.4TB. Distributed by ACA Pacific (03 9674 8188;,pricing starts at $60,000.

StorageTek: 1800 620 310.


Acer has ventured into the storage game with its new FlexStor offering, a "building block" approach whereby a customer has the existing hardware and infrastructure and Acer aims to consolidate the system. The offering is aimed at the entry-level, sub-$15,000 price range, and scales to over $1 million. It supports open systems, being certified with Windows NT/2000 Server, Linux, Unix and Netware. The system supports full Fibre Channel fabric, SCSI, and IDE/ATA.

Acer: (02) 8762 3000.

Network Appliance

Net App's NearStore R100 is the first appliance to debut in the NearStore product family. It is used for rapid data backup and recovery, archiving of infrequently accessed files and simplified data migration. The R100 uses disk as opposed to tape but without the typical blowout costs of disk - the unit has a list price of roughly four cents per megabyte. It is available in configurations ranging from 12TB to 96TB and complements "online" storage needs, which require rigorous performance.

Network Appliance: (02) 9779 5600.

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