LG ushers in “ultra definition” generation with first 84” Smart TV

LG ushers in “ultra definition” generation with first 84” Smart TV

Technology vendor gets its foot early in with first 4K resolution TV

LG’s UD 3D TV comes with an 84” screen and 2.2 speaker system

LG’s UD 3D TV comes with an 84” screen and 2.2 speaker system

If you think the HD generation is where it is at, then LG is here to prove you wrong with its Ultra Definition (UD) Smart TV.

Not only does the TV have the biggest screen on the market at 84”, it is also the first to display at a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which the media currently dubs “4K” though LG is using the UD moniker instead.

The main draw of the TV is the gigantic screen, which is roughly equal to four 42” TVs.

“The sheer size of the display will give you a breathtaking viewing experience,” LG marketing general manager, Lambro Skropidis, said.

In addition to the screen size, the ultra definition capability of over 8 million pixels per screen is the other main selling point.

“With four times the definition of full HD, a whole new level of picture quality is possible,” Skropidis said.

Bigger is better

LG is positioning the UD TV as a response to market that is gradually becoming more comfortable with bigger TV sizes.

Skropidis referred to a GfK ConsumerScope that found that picture quality is the most important attribute to 81 per cent of response when it comes to a TV purchase.

“Screen size comes next at 78 per cent, while full HD, easy remote control, and sound quality each come at 74 per cent,” he said.

A growth of 55” and large screen has also been recorded, going from a 12 per cent market share in 2010 to 34 per cent in 2012.

While the hardware technology is here now with the LG UD Smart TV, Skropidis admitted that the content for it is not yet here.

“The UD TV market is still in its infancy but it is important for LG to show leadership in this space,” he said.

There are no UD broadcasts at present anywhere in the world, though broadcast testing is apparently underway in Japan.

Content is king

According to Skropidis, 4K quality, or UD, content has existed for some time and is being created by film studios and amateurs alike.

“Full length films are available on the Internet and short form content can be found on YouTube,” he said.

Photos taken with an 8 megapixel camera can be optimally displayed on the LG UD, while affordable 4K camcorders are predicted to come in April 2013 and retail for approximately $5000.

“Whilst UD is the stand-out feature, we think people are also going to be really interested in the benefits of LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TV functions,” Skropidis said.

Due to the large file size of 4K movies, they are too big to fit on existing Blu-Ray discs and instead are shipped out on hard drives.

Early adopter

LG’s 84” Smart TV will be available in Australia from November 19, though it will only be available in selected 30 retailers around the country.

This is no doubt to the price tag of $15,999, which in addition to the overall lack of 4K content, makes the LG UD TV an early adopter product.

In amongst the announcement was a quick mention to LG Game World, the online game store that the manufacturer will be launching for its Smart TVs in the near future.

Popular smartphone games such as Shadowgun, Cut the Rope, and Plants Vs. Zombies are expected to be available on launch.

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