Conroy has a hissy fit over Turnbull, again

Conroy has a hissy fit over Turnbull, again

Puts the boots in, again, about the lack of an Opposition broadband policy

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Stephen Conroy, has again attacked Opposition shadow minister, Malcolm Turnbull, over the Liberal's missing-in-action broadband policy.

It has been a recurring theme of Conroy press releases over the past couple of months - there's been three or four sinking the slipper in.

This time the Senator accuses Turnbull of short-changing the Australian people and again calls for the immediate release the Coalition’s broadband policy.

He has also decided to abbreviate Turnbull's name. He is now MT.

“In the first three quarters of this year MT has delivered 16 speeches, issued 34 media releases, made 1268 tweets, and launched a survey, but he has not released a broadband policy,” Senator Conroy said.

“In a recent 7.30 Report interview, Mr Turnbull refused to answer how much the Coalition’s broadband plans would cost," he said.

“In the same interview, Mr Turnbull committed to providing downloads at 25 Mbps with only a lucky few achieving 80 Mbps.

“At yesterday’s Comms Day summit, Mr Turnbull again squibbed the chance of releasing a policy.

“He instead launched another outrageous attack on the professional expertise of NBN Co, saying that he’d conduct a thorough inquiry into the management and governance of the company."

His next comment is fairly rich given the amount of attacks he's mounted on MT, recently.

“The Australian people want a broadband policy from the Coalition, not personal attacks or witch hunts," Conroy said

“In an attempt to cover up for his lack of policy and his inability to answer simple questions about the Coalition’s plans, Mr Turnbull has issued a survey.

“Mr Turnbull shouldn’t need a survey to know that nobody in Australia can get a download speed of 100 Mbps using copper.

“Mr Turnbull also shouldn’t need a survey to know that no one in Australia would get a download speed of 100 Mbps using Telstra’s ageing copper network under his FTTN plan."

He then goes into his the-National-Broadband-Network-is-wonderful spiel.

Entertaining as all this, the hot air is beginning to wear a bit thin and with summer coming on something cooler would be appreciated. Like not saying anything if there's nothing new to say.

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