Linux reseller throws lifeline to charities

Linux reseller throws lifeline to charities

One Sydney reseller has decided to let the world know that not everybody in the IT community at the moment has tight pockets.

Anthony Rumble, managing director of Linux reseller Everything Linux, is offering PC for Kids - a charity threatened with legal action by Microsoft over hard-disk loading obsolete copies of its software - assistance with loading free Linux software onto their PCs.

Rumble said by their nature, Linux enthusiasts are not very good (or concerned about) public relations activities. His offer to PC for Kids, has in fact always been there for any worthy charity. Linux groups including Rumble's company are already aiding charities such as Computerbank and TAD (Technology Aiding the Disabled).

While Everything Linux has offered to provide software and installation services to the charity, any necessary ongoing support is being offered by users groups such as Linux Users Victoria (LUV) or Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG). "There are plenty of people in these groups that are happy to help," Rumble said.

Rumble said it is in the enthusiast's nature to want to help out. Everything Linux for example, runs Install-fest days where user-group volunteers load Linux software onto any PC's the public wish to bring in for a nominal fee.

"It's also about mind-share," he said. "A big enabler for Linux is that it gives young people the chance to get into the IT industry at little cost. When I got into developing, I had to work for six months and save up $1300 for a copy of [Borland's] Turbo Pascal. But now it costs nothing to start out as a developer with Linux. The more younger people we can get involved in Linux, the more decisions will be made in our favour later. It is a community effort."

Rumble encourages any interested charity to make contact if they are interested in such support. "Raise your hand," he said. "Find your local users group."

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