EXCLUSIVE - Datacentres key for business growth: Eaton

EXCLUSIVE - Datacentres key for business growth: Eaton

Claims it is a healthy market and one that is going to continue to grow

Datacentres is a healthy market and one that is going to continue to grow not only within Australia, but globally and is a key aspect of business growth, according to diversified management company, Eaton Corporation.

It said that businesses, such as SMBs, that do not have access to building their own datacentres should jump on the bandwagon by hosting their datacentre in a co-location facility or use a Cloud platform.

“We see datacentres getting both smaller and larger. Datacentres of co-location companies are growing while with SMB customers, datacentres are getting smaller because they are outsourcing their computing,” Eaton Corporation datacentres global segment director, John Collins, said.

Collins mentioned that the SMB and enterprise adoption of Cloud in co-location facilities will continue.

Eaton Corporation Asia-Pacific electrical president, James McGill, said there are two dynamics driving the datacentre space.

He specified them to be energy costs in Australia, increasing at a faster rate than channel inflation, and more investment in datacentres.

He highlighted a recent study from Datacentre Dynamics, which showed that the Australian investment in datacentres over the last three years is up 54 per cent.

“It just shows the growth of the industry in Australia. It ranked forth worldwide for growth and investment. South-East Aisa, Turkey and Russia are the other three countries that rank above Australia,” McGill said.

Collins highlighted a few key trends that have led to the uptake of it.

He claimed that the proliferation of mobile computing was one.

“You think about smartphones and tablet computers; its numbers, capabilities, and how that’s driving the amount of data and bandwidth,” Collins said.

The second thing he shortlisted was the “digitalisation of everything”. He said that as everything surrounding people becomes more digital, the requirement for datacentres to support it increases.

Collins also claimed that the Big Data trend is leading further datacentre growth.

“It is becoming a problem – CIOs have to think about how they have to manage this unwieldy amount of data that’s not only growing, but companies want to store it over long periods of time,” he said.

Eaton expects the datacentre space to change in the next few years.

“People are going to be much smarter in the way they construct datacentres. No longer are datacentres going to be these overbuilt massive buildings. Businesses will start building phases of a datacentre in a modular fashion,” Collins added.

The company’s main focus over the coming months for datacentres is the electrical and air conditioning systems that go into creating an environment that allows datacentres to be reliable, efficient and safe.

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