Internode connects its first household to NBN in Adelaide

Internode connects its first household to NBN in Adelaide

And they claim the speed is a real bonus for work and gameplay

Internode has hooked up its first customers in Adelaide to the NBN.

Adelaide couple, Michael Siddall and Jacinta Warren, who live in the new Lakeside housing development in the city’s north, are the first Internode customers in the SA capital to connect to the NBN.

Michael learned in September last year that fibre-optic cabling for the National Broadband Network (NBN) was to run past the home he was building with fiancée Jacinta.

“I didn’t know I was getting the NBN until after we had started building,” Michael said. “After the builders put the frame up, my fiancée got an email about the NBN’s rollout plans, which excited me more than the frame going up on the house.”

Today, Michael and Jacinta live in their home at Lakeside, near Munno Para. It sports a 50 megabit-per-second NBN broadband service from Internode.

Michael said his NBN service was eight times faster than the ADSL broadband link he had at his previous home.

“It’s pretty fast,” he said. “Last night, I used it to download TechNet ISO [disk]images for some virtual machines I’m building. Normally that would take me about three or fours hours to do as these are 3.3-gigabyte files. With the NBN, I was able to download four of them in half an hour.

“That obviously saves me a lot of time, so it’s definitely a good thing for my work. Another benefit is it’s really fast at streaming tech videos about how to do things. The video is smooth and seamless - it works really well.”

Jacinta said the NBN made the Internet much faster for her when doing banking, Facebook, shopping and generally searching on the Web. “I haven’t really been on the computer a lot, so I’ve hooked my iPhone up to the service and that works a lot faster than it did before,” she said.

Internode’s first Adelaide NBN household comes just over a year since hooking up its first South Australian NBN customer, Raaj Menon, who lives in the country town of Willunga, south of Adelaide.

Michael Siddall said the NBN was also a life-saving tool - at least for his online game-playing.

“The NBN makes a real difference,” he explained. “I’m currently playing some first-person shooters like Brink, Borderlands, DayZ and Rage. Normally, because of the ‘lag’ on a slow broadband connection, you’re dead before you can turn around because other people have faster connections.

“My new NBN service provides a significantly different experience of gaming because there is hardly any latency. The faster link levels things out a bit.”

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