Tablet, smartphone sales strong in “PC+” era: Lenovo

Tablet, smartphone sales strong in “PC+” era: Lenovo

PC vendor announces new tablets in a bid to further capitalise on the growing touch enabled device market

Lenovo Asia Pacific and Latin America mobile internet digital home (MIDH) business development director, Keith Liu

Lenovo Asia Pacific and Latin America mobile internet digital home (MIDH) business development director, Keith Liu

We are not living in a post-PC era, but a PC+ era.

The sentiment comes the way of Lenovo Asia-Pacific and Latin America mobile internet digital home (MIDH) business development director, Keith Liu, who spoke about the shifting computer landscape affecting vendors and consumers.

“We are now surrounded by powerful, smart connected consumer devices,” he said.

“There is also pervasive wireless infrastructure and innovations into user interfaces.”

This means that consumers now own multiple devices on different OSes.

“Consumers prefer using their personal devices at work, meaning that work and personal have overlapped,” Liu said.

With Cloud services allowing for data access from multiple devices, this has meant that usage of Software-as-a-Service has increased.

“Because of this, traditional PCs are evolving,” he said.

What Lenovo is seeing at this juncture is that may people still use a notebook or desktop PC are their primary device, with a smartphone or tablet as their secondary option.

Market strength

While Lenovo’s traditional PC business is doing well, Liu says that the vendor’s FY13 Q1 results show that its MIDH division is no slouch either.

“In China, our smartphones occupy the number two spot with 13.1 per cent of the market,” he said.

“We are also at number two with our tablets, with 12.3 per cent of the market.”

To meet growing demand for its products, Lenovo will be opening a new facility in Wuhan, China.

“Our two part MIDH strategy consists of growing our smartphone and tablet share in China, while at the same time growing our tablet share worldwide,” Liu said.

When asked what plans Lenovo has for its smartphones outside of China, Liu was unable to shed light on any concrete plans by the vendor.

Android push

Lenovo is prepping its IdeaTab A2107 tablet for the US market, which sport a 7” form factor.

“It is always on, always connected with Wi-Fi and 3G data,” Liu said.

“It comes with navigation with the A-GPS feature.”

The 400g weight and 10 hours battery life while web browsing were identified as strong points for the tablet, as well as an internal roll cage for protection from accidental drops.

While the A2107 has been announced for the US, the release does not extend to Australia.

“It really comes down to the corporate requirements in the region,” Liu said.

“We’re currently seeing no need for it in the Australian retail level.”

The 9” IdeaTab A2109 and 10” A2110 form Lenovo’s push into the tablet market, though Liu said that the vendor has nothing to announce yet in the 6” space.

The 10.1” ThinkPad Tablet2 is set for release for major markets, including Australia.

“We feel it is the ultimate enterprise tablet powered by Intel Atom SoC and Windows 8,” Liu said.

The tablet weighs 650g and is less than 10mm thick.

No price for the Tablet2 has been announced yet for the A/NZ region.

Patrick Budmar travelled to Lenovo’s media event in Tokyo as a guest of Lenovo.

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