Clones claw back share from brands

Clones claw back share from brands

PC clones are triumphing in the flat PC market and continuing to take market share from branded boxes, according to latest figures from market analyst Inform.

Unbranded PCs now make up 15 per cent of unit sales in the reseller channel. In comparison, Inform pegs Compaq's unit share at 15.2 per cent, while Hewlett Packard (HP) makes up 17.9 per cent and IBM accounts for 18.6 per cent.

Inform senior research analyst Hakan Alac said clone machines would continue to garner sales in the market. Most of these PCs are sold through independent retailers and traditional retailers. Between these two channels, 59 per cent of clone stock flowed through to end users.

"On average, a clone moving through these two channels sells at approximately $2000," said Alac in Inform's weekly market report, Infocus. "Clones account for 10 per cent of the value of the PC market in Australia, and machines that incorporate AMD chips are currently the most popular."

The clone market took a beating in 2000, with components shortages making it hard for manufacturers to compete on price. The market is particularly susceptible to the vagaries of the hardware components market. However, with the PC downturn, clone machines have once again come into their own.

"I firmly expect the market share for clones to continue to increase, as the Australian PC market matures and users become more comfortable about technology and more knowledgable about their hardware needs," Alac said.

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