EXCLUSIVE: Avnet restructures its business

EXCLUSIVE: Avnet restructures its business

Results in promotions and redundancies; new business units created

Technology distributor, Avnet Technology Solutions, has undergone a massive business restructure, resulting in both the retrenchment and promotion of staff.

Former business units national manager (including itX), Fred King, confirmed with ARN that he has recently left the company to pursue personal interests.

Avnet Technology Solutions national marketing manager, Paul Sadler, is also believed to have left the company, along with the other unidentified staff.

Avnet Asia-Pacific marketing and business innovation vice-president, Michael Costigan, confirmed the redundancies, but was reluctant to name them.

“We’d like to keep that confidential to respect their integrity and the organisation,” he said.

As for functional changes, Cameron Inchley has been promoted from sales and operations manager to sales director. Inchley will head the company’s account management team, the inside sales team and the marketing team.

Steve Bentley moves up from logistics manager to operations director, to head the operations business unit.

Glenn Coutts has been named financial director and Catherine Konstandinidis as human resources director.

“We’re looking to take advantage of the synergy of the itX acquisition. We wanted to align our business in keeping with our solutions distribution focus, following the global Avnet model,” Costigan said.

The company has also created several new business units: namely the IBM business unit, the HP business unit, the Oracle business unit, networking business unit, technology products business unit, software solutions business unit and technology infrastructure solutions business unit.

As result, the following appointments have been allocated: Ivan Hecimovic, IBM business unit director; Anthony Alleyn, HP business unit director; Ed Dalton, Oracle business unit director; George Farrugia, networking business unit director; Reuben Bou-Samra, technology products business unit director; Mark Johnston, software solutions business unit director; Adrian Chu, technology infrastructure solutions business unit director.

“These new business units were created to work closely with our major suppliers to make sure we are driving not only their solution but their messaging to our business partners. It is also for us to get closer to our business partners,” he added.

Avnet Technology Solutions also recently reported its general distribution manager, Greg Newham, left the company.

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