Police fire on suspected iPhone thief, lock down school during chase

Police fire on suspected iPhone thief, lock down school during chase

Police fired on a suspected iPhone thief, and locked down an elementary school as they used the Web to track down the stolen phone in San Francisco on Monday.

At about 6:30 a.m., two armed men stopped a pedestrian on Minerva street in San Francisco's Ocean View neighborhood, and fled after taking the victim's Apple iPhone, according to a story by the San Francisco Chronicle.

APPLE IPHONEYS: iPhone 5 edition 

Within minutes, police tracked the phone through a "phone-finding GPS app" to Noe Valley. AppleInsider's Daniel Eran Dilger says this was likely Apple's iCloud "Find My iPhone" feature. Officers approached two male suspects who fled, running down a stairwell near St. Paul's Catholic Church, and its nearby Catholic elementary school.

When police ran after them, one suspect turned back, "with his hand concealed near his torso." One of the officers apparently interpreted this as a drawing a gun, and fired. Her shot missed, and she twisted her ankle during the chase. That suspect escaped but police captured the second one not far away.

Police locked down the school for about 30 minutes, at a time when students were starting to arrive.

About 30 minutes after the gunfire, police again tracked down the stolen phone, to a car near Eighth Avenue in the Sunset neighborhood: one person was sitting in the car, another hiding in the trunk. The car had the stolen iPhone, two "replica firearms" and property from another, earlier robbery. The car's registration yielded a residential address on Seventh Avenue, and police detained two other suspects about 8 a.m.

The two men in the car were charged with suspicion of possession of stolen property. No names have been released and charges remain pending, according to the Chronicle.

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