Communications Alliance revises guidelines relating to delivery on NBN

Communications Alliance revises guidelines relating to delivery on NBN

Two QoS and one wholesale telephony guidelines reassessed for contemporary context

The Communications Alliance has published a revised set of industry guidelines, three of which are relevant for service delivery on the NBN.

Two of these are on Quality of Service (QoS) for IP networks, and one on wholesale telephony.

The first QoS guideline defines the quality parameters for a set of traffic classes on IP networks while the other containing test methods for these traffic classes.

Both of were first published in 2007, and have been updated to align with recent international developments, and to work with the current layer two traffic classes offered from NBN Co.

The third guideline has a framework for NBN wholesale telephony services and the content has been updated to add more information on the support of a DTMF signalling.

The revisions are intended to help service providers in delivering high quality video and digital services over fibre-based networks.

According to the Communications Alliance, they will help maintain quality by minimising ‘packet loss’ and in delivering a growing range of IP services to customers in a way that is both consistent and interoperable with the networks of others service providers and NBN Co.

“The revised guidelines are an important part of ensuring that quality for consumers remains paramount,” Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said.

“With the migration of telephone services to the NBN, IP services quality measures and traffic prioritisation will be critical in ensuring the high audio quality expectations of the public are maintained.”

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