IT workers plug-in to office environment: Ambition Technology

IT workers plug-in to office environment: Ambition Technology

New survey claims Australian IT workers are most productive in the office and connected with co-workers

Australian IT workers are at their most productive in the office and connected to co-workers, according to specialist recruitment firm, Ambition Technology.

Its recently released Ambition Technology Productivity Survey, which polled 946 IT staff members, managers and CIOs, found that 31 per cent felt they were most productive in an open plan office and a further 21 per cent prefer to work near other departments to boost their efficiency.

“In the current market, there is a growing trend for IT roles to be project-based. For IT workers this means a hands-on approach is required to immerse themselves in a company’s culture, processes and overall objectives,” Ambition technology managing director, Andrew Cross, said.

As a result, he said communication and stakeholder management skills are becoming increasingly important for IT professionals.

While technology allows for greater workplace mobility, only 14 per cent of the respondents said they are able to achieve more when working from home. In contrast, one in three workers preferred their own workspace in the office.

“In the workplace, IT is often viewed as a support service. However, the increased demand for IT services, from smartphone support to big data analysis, is bringing IT professionals closer to their colleagues across all departments,” Cross claimed.

The study also found that the top complaint from IT workers was meetings that don’t achieve anything (58 per cent), followed by unrealistic expectations from managers (20.7 per cent). Cross mentioned this demand for support, and aversion to wasting time, comes as a result of increased pressure on IT workers to achieve more with less.

“Australian IT workers are feeling the pressure of budget and skill constraints. They feel that every working hour must count to ensure that projects are brought in on time and on budget,” he said.

While IT workers state that they are most productive within the office environment, nearly 87 per cent mentioned flexible work hours achieve the best results.

According to Cross, offering a supportive and flexible work environment is the key to attracting top IT talent in the current skills short market.

“Ensuring that IT workers can integrate with the workplace and manage their workload in and out of the office can help organisations to retain skilled IT workers,” he added.

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