Pacific Internet launch symmetrical ADSL

Pacific Internet launch symmetrical ADSL

Internet service provider Pacific Internet has launched a symmetrical ADSL service that is equally as fast in uploading data as it is downloading.

Considering most users download more material from the Internet than they would upload, because browsers cache files from visited sites, most current ADSL services offer little in the way of upload speed. For example, The current ADSL products offered by Pacific Internet are a 256k download/64k upload product ($119 per month) and a 1.5mg download/256k upload product ($229 per month).

But as of this week, the ISP is offering a symmetrical 512k download/512k upload product for $299 per month. According to Lorenzo Modesto, director of business development at Pacific Internet, many business users need connections that allow for a high upload speed as they use the Internet to move large amounts of data.

"To some degree, the average user is sucking more bandwidth than they're blowing," said Modesto. "Normally the ratio is four of five times more download data than upload data. But more and more business users are starting to use their connections for large file transfers."

"This product better suits those organisations that don't just need high-speed connection, but file transfer or streaming," he said. "It is perfect for Web hosting companies, multimedia content creators, and any organisation that uploads more than they download."

David Leadbetter, product marketing manager at Pacific Internet said there is currently no other supplier of such a service with wide geographic coverage for Australian users. Other than the fastest of current ADSL products, the next best thing for business users with high upload requirements is ISDN. "But for 512k upload you would be paying in excess of $900 per month," he said.

While charges kick in once a subscriber downloads over a gigabyte of data in a month, the ISP has set no limits or charges for uploading data. As of the start of August, all Pacific Internet's DSL products will also come with a free 56k dial-up redundancy line, to protect the user against the possibility of downtime.

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