Microsoft opens Office Store for apps

Microsoft opens Office Store for apps

Microsoft Office joins the app party

Microsoft has opened a preview of its Office Store for downloading Office 2013 apps.

The software giant unveiled the next version of its office suite last month and is now giving a look into what we can expect in the way of apps. Microsoft said it has built the Office Store for three reasons: integration, simplicity and developer opportunity. See also: New Microsoft Office FAQ: What you need to know.

Vivek Narasimhan, product marketing manager for Office said: "we are excited to take you behind the scenes to meet one of the best kept secrets in the next version of Office and SharePoint: the Office Store."

"We've built the store so you could integrate the very best of the web with the powerful features of Office and SharePoint."

In a similar way to Apple's strict screening process, Microsoft said: "All apps that are listed on the Store get extensively validated so users can trust them." Users will be able to choose apps by selecting 'Apps for Office' from the Insert tab. See also: Microsoft Word 2013 review.

Many apps are already available via the Office Store for the Office 2013 preview. The apps are all based on web-standards so they load straight away with no complex installation processor, said Microsoft.

Your apps will follow you wherever you log in and if you send a document created with an app the recipient will be pointed towards the appropriate app so they can use it too. See also: Office 2013 on tablet review.

Microsoft touts the Office Store as a massive opportunity for developers since billions of people use Office. When things are fully up and running Microsoft will keep 20 percent from net takings on all transactions. However, developers can list an app as free and link to their own site for purchases.

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