NOTES FROM THE FIELD: AOL amuses while Office XP annoys

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: AOL amuses while Office XP annoys

Her name is Amber. We met at a Northern California diner during my first ride on my Harley Sportster. She's doing postgrad studies in computer science and working tables to make ends meet. Strangely enough, yours truly found himself back at the same table at that diner last weekend. And most importantly, I now have her number.

AOL seeks free e-mail

When it comes to AOL Time Warner, it's not the number that amuses us. One of my trusty spies reports he nearly busted a gut when he saw what e-mail address they have for customer service:

Of course, it's ironic that a company owned by AOL needs a free e-mail account. The funny thing was the reply e-mail: "We are in a transitional mode with some of our e-mail systems, and one of the reasons we used Yahoo was to make the routing work in some of our smallest towns". Fortunately, my spy is happy with the customer service.

XP stresses

But another faithful informant of mine is not a happy camper. He's just bought a copy of Microsoft Office Professional XP through a friend at Microsoft. Here are some words of warning.

The antipiracy registration technique works so well it will give you only 50 uses if you want to load the same copy on a notebook after first installing on a PC. Pity if you want to trash the PC later without buying a new copy.

Support at is hard to find, and it costs $US35 per question if you didn't buy the product retail.

My spy also alleges Office XP came complete with three files infected with either the Backdoor Trojan virus or the W32 Bad Trans virus.

Office XP will automatically boot the e-mail client Eudora. Very annoying if you use something else. The solution to this undocumented "feature"? Quarantine inetd.exe. I'm sure your average Office workers will know how to do that.

"I wouldn't mind going for a ride on that hog of yours," Amber said casually after bringing me my fifth refill of coffee (I needed some excuse to stay). Too stunned to respond, I just nodded, trying to look cool in my too-new leather jacket. Is it too soon to start dating again?

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