ICTRA: ICT labour candidate numbers decline, skills increase

ICTRA: ICT labour candidate numbers decline, skills increase

Report figures show drop from eight to six candidates per role, but each now matches six of top 10 required skills

The Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association (ICTRA) reports that while the overall number of suitable candidates in the ICT labour market declined in the second quarter of the year, those who were available were more skilled in terms of what employers required.

ICTRA’s SkillsMatch Dashboard, which is released quarterly and provides employment trends, reports that the number of suitable candidates for each role advertised dropped from eight in Q1 to six.

The fall is a reflection of the drop in participation rate in the overall Australian labour market, according to ICTRA CEO, Julie Mills.

“The most recent ABS labour market data showed the participation rate was down to 65.2 per cent, from 65.4 per cent in May,” she said.

At the same time though, remaining candidates now offer six of the top 10 skills that employers seek, which is up from five in the previous quarter.

“The increase in candidates with skills that employers need indicates that the skills mismatch is continuing to ease as job seekers are becoming more responsive to demand in the market.”

Mills added that 73 of ICT labour placements made in the second quarter were for contract roles, with only a third permanent.

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