Netgear goes “back to the future” with ReadyDATA 5200

Netgear goes “back to the future” with ReadyDATA 5200

Vendor releases unified storage solution that aims to be simple and affordable

If you ever wished you had the ability to go back in time, Netgear may be able to grant you that ability with its ReadyDATA 5200 solution.

With numerous unified storage solutions already on the market, ReadyDATA 5200 aims to stand out by offering “enterprise-class” capabilities for SMB clients.

Explaining the concept behind the solution, Netgear storage product designer, Peter Levett, says it was essentially about making a technology that has an image of being overtly complex and somewhat pricey available to the mid-market.

“The ReadyDATA 5200 is the first to offer Cloud-managed data replication as a standard feature out of the box,” he said.

According to Netgear, the key differentiator of ReadyDATA 5200 is that the storage platform brings de-duplication into the SMB space, enabling smaller companies to back up their data regularly without worrying about duplicate data swallowing up hard disk storage.

“The inclusion of efficient data de-duplication means that ReadyDATA 5200 is ideal for backup and file storage,” Levett said.

“Blade level data de-duplication helps to greatly reduce storage consumption.”

Users are easily able to set the size and location of the backup volume via a browser based front end, including the frequency of the backups.

“You have the potential to take unlimited content snapshots, which means unlimited protection for your data,” Levett said.

“At anytime you can retrieve data from the past to protect against corruption, accidental data loss or malicious activity.”

While Netgear highlights that ReadyDATA 5200 is bringing an enterprise level technology into the SMB space, Levett says it is still too early to tell when and if a similar solution will trickle down into the consumer space.

ReadyDATA 5200 contains two 10GbE ports, supports SATA, SAS and SSD drives, and offers scalability up to 60 drives and 180TB total capacity.

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