Notes from the field: Bobby's down because Rose is out

Notes from the field: Bobby's down because Rose is out

Rose's mission to get arrested for smoking has kept her fully occupied for the past week, leaving me alone with TCI's Digital Cable service. I find that kind of ironic, since it was Rose who wanted us to get the service in the first place.

Another thing that I found ironic - for a couple of reasons - was Lotus' bombardment of advertisements for Notes Release 5 during Star Trek Voyager the other night. I'm assuming that Lotus booked this ad time before the (latest) delay to Notes R5 was revealed. But aside from that strangeness, is there any significance to the fact that Star Trek seems to be the only series to win Lotus' advertising dollars? It sort of implies Lotus has a pretty stereotyped view of its target audience: perhaps the placards displayed in the ad - which were all handwritten, by the way, presumably because these Lotus users were having printer problems - should have been, "I am a Trekkie", rather than "I am Superman".

Speaking of advertisements, Computer Associates seems to have decided that one of its friends needs a bit of charity. Announcing CA's Software Achievement Awards, the company's ad says ". . . a single Grand Prize Winner will receive a $100,000 check made out to their favourite charity." But the accompanying photo - presumably from last year's award - shows CEO Charles Wang presenting an oversize check for $100,000 made out to . . . Hewlett-Packard. Forgive me, but I'll continue to give my charitable donations to the Humane Society.

Beam me out of here

Doug Olsen, formerly in charge of Adobe's Web strategy and direction, may need charity soon. He supposedly left the company after the GoLive acquisition, according to a well-placed source, and many engineers under him left in protest. Apparently Adobe is somehow suing him because other people are leaving.

Perhaps Lotus' selection of Star Trek as the series to carry its advertisements is indicative of a wider trend: during the next year, expect to see traditional IT shows such as PC Expo wither and die, as vendors instead set up stalls at Star Trek conventions around the country.

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