Great interface, efficient tab system

Cost: Free | Developer:Google | Platform:iOS | Version 19.0 | 12.8MB | 4.0+

Google’s Chrome app for iPhone (and iPad) brings a fresh look to browsing on your smartphone – and a much better one at that.

As a browser, Chrome does not offer any remarkable additional functionality that sets it apart from Safari, although its interface is great, particularly in the tab department.

While browsing, the app offers the standard ‘back’ and ‘forward’ navigation buttons, a URL bar (which acts as a search bar, like in the desktop version of the browser), an options menu, and the tabs menu.

When you tap into the tab menu, all your tabs are presented in a downward overlay manner, rather than using the side-scrolling system of Safari. What you see is the name of the tab, and a preview of the top of the page (depending on how many tabs you have open).

This layout makes it more efficient to go through all your open tabs.

This menu also contains the ‘new tab’ button, at which point the browser presents a grid of open tabs which resembles the default Chrome screen on the desktop version.

To close a tab, you can either tab the small ‘x’ in the top right-hand corner, or flick the tab to the left or right.

As you would expect with any browser, websites can be added to a bookmarked, and emailed. Unfortunately, Chrome does not have an integrated ‘Tweet’ function.

Despite these positives, it has been tested that Chrome for iOS is slower than Safari in handling JavaScript as it lacks the Nitro engine.

Pros: Great interface, efficient tab system.

Cons: Slower than Safari, according to tests.

Verdict: Ideal for desktop Chrome fans, and iPhone users who are big on keeping many tabs open.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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