Sourcefire’s Android protection solution best with reseller help

Sourcefire’s Android protection solution best with reseller help

Cloud-based analytics to prevent malware from entering the network

Cybersecurity solutions provider, Sourcefire has launched its FireAmp Mobile solution, an extension to the FireSight platform, which aims to assist enterprises in overcoming malware threats presented by the proliferation of mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

FireAmp, designed for Android devices, integrates Cloud-based analysis capabilities to determine if a mobile application is malware. If a file is copied or added onto the Android device, FireAmp sends a ‘file fingerprint’ to the Cloud, where it is identifies and compared to an existing database. If the fingerprint is unrecognised, it can be reported and added.

The solution also generates reports that provide threat intelligence, including top mobile malware incidents and blacklisted and/or non-whitelisted apps that have been installed on mobile devices.

Although customers have the option of monitoring FireAmp themselves, control can be handed to the reseller for further benefit.

“We are talking to resellers now about them having the ability to manage the endpoints and have visibility and control on their customers’ behalf,” Sourcefire Australia and New Zealand regional director, Chris Wood, said. “Resellers can aggregate multiple accounts in one environment to ensure problems do not spread across customers.”

This means that if one customer faces a problem, the reseller is able to ensure it does not occur for another in order to avoid spreading infection.

Although there is no formalised training as part of this release, Sourcefire is offering support on understanding the product and managing it. Pre-sales training is also available.

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