APP OF THE DAY: The Weather Channel

APP OF THE DAY: The Weather Channel

Giving you the weather for your suburb, not just major towns

The Weather Channel
Cost: Free | Developer:XYZ Networks | Platform:iOS | Version 1.0 | 1.6MB | 4.0+

The Weather Channel is a new simplistic weather app designed specifically for Australians.

When launched, it asks you to input a location name or post code, at which point it saves it as your ‘home’, and gives you the day’s forecast, including a one-word description of the morning, afternoon, and evening.

According to the developers, it contains data for over 17,000 locations across the country, something the default Weather app fails to offer.

The ‘now’ tab offers slightly more detail, with wind, humidity, pressure, dew point, and rain information.

With the ’10 day’ menu, you can look ahead at an extended forecast, although there is nothing more than a low/high temperature listing, and again, a one-word description of the day.

Although ‘more’ allows you to view warnings, the rain radar, cloud cover, lightning tracker and weather news, there is not much more detail available. This can be annoying when planning an outing and needing to know what the weather will be like at a certain hour.

Despite its limitations, this is the 1.0, and it is safe to assume that future updates will tackle some of these basic issues.

The app’s interface is clear, although I did spend some time tapping away in an attempt to find more information.

One noticeable design flaw can be found in the 10 day menu, where the dimensions of the interface exceed the width of the iPhone screen. It may be minor, but there is no reason (ie. too much information to fit everything) for it to appear as such.

Pros: Lite, fast operation, large database.

Cons: Not very detailed.

Verdict: A useful free alternative for Australians as it lets you see the weather for your suburb rather than referring you to a nearby major town/city.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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