Facebook’s mobile struggles are not Twitter's: Ovum

Facebook’s mobile struggles are not Twitter's: Ovum

Analyst sees Twitter as having other issues of its own, though

Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo’s statement regarding the social network’s mobile advertising success is an attempt to emphasise that Facebook’s existing mobile struggles are its own, according to Ovum chief telecoms analyst, Jan Dawson.

Costolo said that Twitter had generated more advertising revenue through its mobile offering than its website on many days within the last quarter.

Dawson believes that the revelation indicates that Costolo does not believe that Facebook’s troubles are not endemic to social networks as a whole.

“Twitter has a long heritage in mobile and its management clearly wants people to understand that it doesn’t see the same challenges in monetising mobile as Facebook does,” Dawson said. “It’s as if [Costolo] is saying, ‘we’re not Facebook, don’t tar us with the same brush.’”

At the same time, Dawson points out that Twitter is facing separate troubles. These are primarily concerned with monetising the use of third-party clients on mobile devices, an area in which Facebook has capabilities.

“Twitter has tried to overcome that problem by acquiring several of the most popular clients, but it still doesn’t have a definitive strategy for monetising mobile either.”

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