Delv to push Good Technology’s mobile solutions to government agencies

Delv to push Good Technology’s mobile solutions to government agencies

Strategic move designed to market military-grade mobile solutions to federal and state governments

Canberra-based professional services provider, Delv, has secured a deal to market the secure mobility products of American software vendor, Good Technology.

The partnership is squarely aimed at providing highly secure mobile solutions to government agencies on both a federal and state level.

Delv managing director, Sam Smair, said the deal with Good Technology came about naturally based on the fact that Delv has been “living and breathing” mobility and remote access for more than a decade.

“With the focus on mobility, we were recently well positioned in the market to try and deploy leading products and move on with this evolution of adopting smartphone and tablets into the government,” he said.

As a result, Delv started talking and looking at products to represent mid-last year.

“We normally look at the products by installing them in our labs,” Smair said.

“We have a lab environment where we install the product and test the business aspects of it, the security, and the technical parts as well.”

Once tested, Delv was “really impressed” with the products from Good Technology and started talking to the vendor about deploying and showcasing the product to its government clients in Canberra.

“It has been a close relationship and partnership since then, and we have successfully deployed in many departments around town,” Smair said.

He added the thing that was helping Delv was the product in terms of security, and the company’ consultancy services helped to deploy the product in a manner where it was already “fully optimised.”

As for why the company chose Good Technology, Smair said it all came back after the company looked at the vendor’s solutions.

“The evolution started with phase one, which consisted of the typical email and calendar synching,” he said. “We have had that for the last 10 years on smartphones and devices, and Good Technology provides this phase one type of approach as well, in terms of calendar, email and content synching.”

Smair appreciated that the vendor had a valued-added service in that phase in terms of tapping into intranet-type content. Delv saw this as a very good value added service.

“The icing on the cake was phase two of that evolution, where document editing and publishing, Sharepoint support and other features are added,” Smair said.

“Mobile users might take it for granted that they can get email and calendars, but now they are wondering how to access and use their documents.”

So when Delv looked at all of these things, Smair said it made the company “excited” about the product, as they saw it as a viable solution that could be leading in the government sector.

Smair said that Delv had already seen benefits from working with Good Technology.

“Our relationship did exist prior to the partnership, and we became closer by working together in successfully not only deploying Good Technology products, but also engaging with the client in terms of their mobility solution strategy,” he said.

Delv traditionally goes and sits with the client to understand their requirements, as Smair highlights that one does not want to put a product or technology out "just for the sake of it," especially without understanding the "environmental aspects" of the department.

“Working with Good Technology this closely for a while has meant that the relationship with them has been fruitful from the beginning,” he said.

“In the end, we just want to make sure that the deployment is optimised according to the clients’ needs and requirements.”

Smair now hopes to extend beyond that initial success with the announcement of the official partnership, with the aim of achieving further new deployments and expanding existing ones.

Patrick Budmar travelled to Delv and Good Technology’s join press event in Canberra as a guest of both companies.

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