Ovum: IPv6 importance lies in ability to maintain pace with trends

Ovum: IPv6 importance lies in ability to maintain pace with trends

IPv6 will keep up with the proliferation of devices, mobility, and B2C applications

Apart from limited IPv4 address space, interest and support for IPv6 has been and will continue to be generated by the proliferation of devices, mobility, and business-to-consumer (B2C) applications, according to Ovum principal analyst, Mike Sapien.

As June 6, 2012, ticked over in the US, Internet service providers (ISPs) and websites enabled IPv6 for their products and services as part of the official World IPv6 Launch, an event organised by the Internet Society.

IPv6 does not represent a complete migration. Rather, it is a dual-support capability that will be enabled for many years.

“In addition to the ‘Launch’ term being used for this year’s event, more customers are starting to realise the importance of addressing support for IPv6 now,” Sapien said.

The influx and outburst of notebooks and ultrabooks alongside smartphones and tablets, have accelerated the demand for and capabilities of mobility; IPv6 is the means by which to maintain pace with these trends.

The trends have also led to an abundance of B2C applications, which “are one of the common drivers for customers, including services providers, moving to IPv6,” Sapien said.

He also noted government regulation contributions promoting deployment of IPv6.

“Customers will need to take a good inventory of their IT resources that are now IPv4, have a phased plan for dual IPv4/IPv6 support and implement this plan. This planning also needs to include third-party partners, resources and links that can be easily overlooked,” Sapien said.

“Now is the time for customers to go beyond planning and get to the test and implement phase.”

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