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BigAir Launches Australia’s Fastest Residential Broadband Service

  • 11 January, 2005 10:10

<p>Australia’s fastest home broadband just got even faster!</p>
<p>BigAir Australia Pty Ltd (BigAir) has just launched Australia’s fastest home broadband service offering unprecedented Internet speeds of up to 10Mbps for residents in selected Sydney high-rise apartment buildings.</p>
<p>Home Internet users who are tired of dial-up, ADSL and cable and their often painfully slow speeds will be blown away by BigAir’s “SkyRise” Home Broadband, which offers speeds up to 200 times as fast as dial-up.</p>
<p>BigAir’s “SkyRise” Home Broadband delivers an ‘always on’ Internet service with speeds in both directions from 1Mbps up to a blazing 10Mbps in selected apartment buildings.</p>
<p>“We’re seeing all types of Internet users turn to BigAir for their broadband needs,” said Jason Ashton, joint Managing Director, BigAir.</p>
<p>“Whether you just want to browse the Internet or you’re a demanding power user who wants to experience the latest technologies such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you need a cost effective, reliable and fast broadband service. At BigAir, that’s what we deliver,” he said.</p>
<p>Starting with its Mach1 Starter Plan (1Mbps upload and download) for just $29.95 per month, today’s announcement means BigAir customers can now fly on the Internet from the comfort of their apartment at speeds of up to 10Mbps, with the Mach 10 Afterburner package. BigAir also offers broadband packages in between to suit every home user.</p>
<p>BigAir’s “SkyRise” Home Broadband is currently only available in a limited number of high-rise apartments in inner Sydney, however BigAir is looking to significantly expand this number based on demand. “High-rise residents and body corporates who want access to super-fast broadband should contact us to register their interest,” said Mr Ashton.</p>
<p>BigAir is able to offer the industry’s most competitive broadband services because it has complete autonomy with its own telecommunications network and is not limited to the copper network like other broadband providers. This also means that BigAir broadband is available in many ‘broadband black holes’ where ADSL and cable services are not.</p>
<p>The company has been rapidly expanding its network across Sydney offering wireless broadband services to residential apartments and small to medium sized businesses. BigAir also offers enterprise-grade “fibre-in-the-sky” broadband solutions (offering 99.99% reliability or better) to large businesses with speeds ranging from 2Mbps up to 100Mbps.</p>
<p>Further details on BigAir’s residential and business broadband services and pricing are available by visiting</p>
<p>About BigAir
BigAir is a fully licensed telecommunications carrier and infrastructure based ISP rolling out its own broadband network across Sydney, with plans to rollout Australia-wide, using carrier-grade high-speed wireless equipment. Tailored to the current and future needs of customers, BigAir is able to offer comprehensive communication solutions ranging from VoIP and IP video conferencing, wide area wireless roaming deployment, co-location and data storage to private channel links, broadband, hosting and DRP (with free space optics and high-speed microwave). BigAir is unique in the ISP marketplace with end-to-end ownership of its infrastructure and as such it is able to deliver the most advanced and exciting new communications technologies as they become available. For more information, please visit</p>

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