Share multiple photos and contacts with a bump

Cost: Free | Developer:Bump Technologies | Platform:iOS | Version 3.3| 6.7MB | 4.0+

Bump is a really quick way to share information with fellow iPhone users, and takes away the unexpected delays that can be caused by iMessage and standard text messaging.

How does it work? Basically, you and your friend open the app, you select either some photos or contacts, and then ‘bump’ your smartphones together to initiate the transfer. The user interface is as simple as it gets, so it takes seconds to figure out.

The best part about the app is that it allows you to send over multiple files at once, removing the long process of going through menus and doing it one by one.

I found the app particularly useful in sharing my own contact information, allowing it to serve as somewhat of an electronic business card – I have my own contact details saved in my phone, and I just bump them over as required.

The app’s limitations are obvious. Firstly, you have to be side by side, which means you can’t send your friends amusing cat pictures in the middle of the night, nor can you keep your family updated from your holiday.

Secondly, it is still restricted to these two files types. Fingers crossed that music will be share-able in the future, even if it is at the expense of a slower transfer rate.

Additionally, Bump allows you to see mutual friends with people you bump from your social networks and contacts, and all has a sync features to move files between your own devices.

Pros: Free, multiple photos/contacts can be sent at once, no delay.

Cons: Restricted by location.

Verdict: A really quick way to share photos and contacts – great for a quick electronic business card.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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