Kerio encourages Alternative IT for partners, reveals channel initiative

Kerio encourages Alternative IT for partners, reveals channel initiative

VP, Vitek, shares perspective on the big trends, talks about upcoming partner roadshow

Software vendor, Kerio hosted its 2012 Partner Forum earlier this week, using the event to encourage its partner network to adopt Alternative IT and to share its 12-month roadmap.

Alternative IT is the recognition that the requirements and needs of consumers of IT has changed as a result of the impact of mobility, Cloud, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and the consumerisation of IT, Kerio vice-president, Dusan Vitek told ARN prior to the forum.

“Mobility has changed the expectations for data access that anybody has,” Vitek said. “Secondly, we’re seeing a great deal of excitement that users have about services being provided in the Cloud. Lastly is BYOD; it’s something IT people have tried to fight, but it’s a losing battle. IT departments are more often than before allowing non-corporate devices to be brought into secure networks.”

Kerio is inviting its partners to join this IT revolution.

The vendor’s goal is to employ a key principle which is driving these trends: simplicity. It believes that its industry has previously done a poor job in introducing simplicity on both the user and admin levels, where the latter has often been neglected.

“When you look at larger vendors, like Cisco and Microsoft, you see that you have to go through a tonne of training to become a certified engineer to offer their solutions,” Vitek said.

“In our Alternative IT approach, we believe that simplicity should apply to both sides of IT.”

Kerio has scheduled a training roadshow for July this year, where it will visit most of its core Australian markets, including Sydney and Melbourne. The format of the event is yet to be confirmed, but is planned to span across one to two full days, where Kerio will employ the simplicity principle.

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