APP OF THE DAY: Trip Journal

APP OF THE DAY: Trip Journal

This app simplifies the entire process of documenting your travel experiences

Trip Journal
Cost: $US2.99 | Developer: iQapps | Platform: iOS, Android, Symbian | Version: 7.2 | 15.9 MB |

I travelled to Europe last year and took a journal with me. I’ve always thought journals were for tweens to write about their latest crush or something equally as juvenile but I found it was rather different when you’re travelling.

I wrote in my journal every day I was away but pen and paper just can't quite capture my experiences.

Kind of wish I had found Trip Journal earlier. The app simplifies the entire process of documenting your travel experiences. It automatically tracks your itinerary in real time and notes down stats including distance, time, and geography travelled via GPS.

Users can geo-tag visited destinations, photos, videos, and so on. You can send these on to friends and family by email or share it on social media outlets like Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

Note taking is an important part of the travel journal process. Trip Journal allows you to jot down notes on its own or attached to photos and videos.

Integration with Google Earth lets friends and family to see the route you travelled, places you’ve visited, and recorded media easily.

Trip Journal also looks ood with nice graphics on its user interface. That’s always a bonus.

Pros: Looks awesome, loaded with handy tools for recording travel experiences, includes support for iOS5 retina display.

Cons: Not very useful unless you’re an avid traveller.

Verdict: Great app for frequent travellers that want an effortless way to document their travels.

Get it here: Trip Journal official site

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4

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